Being Brave: Being Vulnerable

“Your identity is in Christ. It’s not in your grades, your performance as a student, it’s not in boys – how many do or don’t like you, it’s not in your friends –or lack thereof, it’s not in how you look. Your identity is in Christ”. This was something I was told all throughout youth group and as a teenager. And it’s hands-down Biblical truth … Continue reading Being Brave: Being Vulnerable

Celebrating Brokenness

June has been a month of celebrations for me. Two weddings, two birthdays and one celebration of life as my friend’s grandfather passed away shortly after my own birthday. Of course, this last celebration was not a joy-filled celebration, but it was one that reminded me of God’s perfect timing none-the-less. Which, I know, sounds weird… when is it ever perfect timing for someone to … Continue reading Celebrating Brokenness

Pride and Petulance (Part 1)

(Photo credits: Kayla Noakes) Pride and petulance. Arguably the two most prominent downfalls of humankind. Pride is what has stopped me from having joy, kept me from dealing with things I should have dealt with long ago, and it has most certainly hurt other people I care about. Petulance has also stolen my joy, it has kept me in a cycle of disappointment and fear, … Continue reading Pride and Petulance (Part 1)

“Going Cucumber”: Danish Culture and the Need for Jesus

If there’s one thing I could say I didn’t know about Denmark before travelling there (and there were many things I didn’t know), it would be their comical expressions! Although I definitely can’t say that saying “Holy cow!” really makes sense, I’m sure anyone else would find these expressions entertaining if not hilarious! One of my favourite expressions was “the cow is on the ice”. … Continue reading “Going Cucumber”: Danish Culture and the Need for Jesus

The Great Commission: Not A Vacay

Why missions???? Why go to a strange place to tell others about what you believe? Isn’t that colonialism? Isn’t that forcing what you believe on other people? Isn’t it basically vacation because you won’t be doing any work? And why go when you could just do that here in Canada? As many of my readers might already know, I am going on a mission during … Continue reading The Great Commission: Not A Vacay